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Some other encouraging supports have been expressed, such as from the President of the Jewish Community Marrakech-Essaouira and his Deputy in Mogador, and from Rabbi David Pinto, President of the worldwide philanthropic organization Hevrat Pinto, who graciously gave me the OK to address the group participants to the 2011 Hiloula of Rabbi Haim Pinto in Mogador (Totalling over 1000 participants). An otherwise simply inspiring and humbling expressed and acted upon support, was the donation made by Mr Andre Azoulay, President of the Association Mogador-Essaouira, the famed organization to which the present city Essaouira owes every single aspect of its revival.

The authorization to restore given by the Mayor was another welcoming official gesture characterized by an astonishingly effortless obtention of the permit to restore.

The starting steps have been promising so far, and we hope the recognition of the historic value of this project will keep growing.

The first round of appeals for donations was somehow successful enough to allow for the total replacement of the ceiling woodwork in the Main Prayer Hall , and will soon cover the setting of the reinforced concrete roof above it.
This will represent the tenth of the costs of the project. Large efforts to collect donations are evidently needed, and all initiatives, advices, or referral from all members or supporting individuals will be much welcomed.
Our goal is within reach; it has taken momentum, recognition, and is in a trajectory of success.

The restored synagogue will be the pride of the Jewish and Muslim children of Mogador, a praise to the tolerance in Morocco, and an asset for the tourism in Essaouira.

I wish to express here my gratitude to all those who acted diligently to jump start this project : our thanks to Mr. Andre Azoulay, Mrs. Claire Castagnou-Myara, Mrs. Regine Knafo, Mr.Momy Elkaim, Mr. Jean-David Ohana, and to our young and dynamic Architect, Mr. Jonathan Myara.

Président d’ASL-Mogador
December 2011

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