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You will be honored as a Founding Member, a Building Member, or a Supporting Member of the project if you undertake to dedicate an area or furnishing of the synagogue or the museum.


The Association Slat Lkahal Mogador shall manage the restoration funds with the transparency and in compliance with its legal obligations, and in particular, shall:
-Provide a quarterly report on the administrative and financial activities of the project.
-Inform you of the restoration works progress and, if you donated for a specific dedication, and ask for your approbation before the commitement of the expenses related to that dedication.
-Reimburse your donation if the dedication is not feasible, and you do not agree to an alternate use of your donation.
-If you wish to, make you a permanent member of the Board of Directors.

Please fill in this form and e-mail it to us with your special instructions: >> Download

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