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establishing its statute as an historical site, and in general, promoting the preservation of other historical sites that bear witness of the Jewish History in Mogador.
The Association’s membership is made of Supporting Members, Honorary Members, and Active Benevolent Members.
The following active members make up the present Board of Directors:
Honorary President: M. Asher Knafo
President: M. Haim Bitton
General Secretary: M. Asher Knafo
Treasurer: M.Jean David Ohana
Counsel: Ms.Carole Cook-Bitton

By-laws (in french) : >>Download PDF

Contacts :

Registered address:
Haim BITTON – ASL-Mogador.
Slat Lkahal.
119 Rue Moise (Mellah).
P.O.Box 1478 Essaouira Gare Routiere. Essaouira .Morocco.

Other Active Members:

Architect (benevolent) :
Jonathan MYARA_ Architecte DPLG
100 Boulevard de Belleville
75 020 Paris. France
Téléphone: +33 (0) 6 12 26 47 41
Email: contact@atelier-mad.com

Director of communication (benevolent) :


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